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Our Story

Started in 2017, we grew from a box store bullet smoker, a pork butt and a case of beer to some of the BEST BBQ and SIDES in PA.  Our barbeque is steeped in rich tradition and fundamentals.  Barbeque, with its smoky embrace and centuries-old techniques, encapsulates a fiery passion passed down through the annals of time, infusing every savory morsel with the richness of culinary history. In the crackling flames of the oldest form of cooking, each sear and sizzle becomes a testament to the enduring legacy that binds us to the primal allure of open fire.  We strive to bring the barbeque culture to all festivals, fairs, backyard BBQs, blowouts, shindigs, soirees, jubilees or hootenannies!

Our family is what binds us together and our community is what we do this all for.  The first of our events was lead by Chef Alex with a team of family comprised of relatives and age old friends.  Even now you may see my mother, father, Wife or our friends making your sandwiches or handing out smiles and exemplary service.


Our Chef

Chef Alex is a true cook whose journey from Eagle Scout to seasoned executive chef is as diverse as the flavors he creates with fire and smoke. Born with an insatiable passion for great food, Alexander dedicated his life to the food and service. After earning his Eagle Scout badge, he pursued a degree in culinary arts, blending his love for cooking with a strategic mindset. At the age of 24, he ascended to the helm of his first kitchen as an executive chef, a position he would adeptly hold for the next 16 years until starting Shimpy's BBQ. Two years later Chef Alex would start his second catering company, Alexander Catering Company and now services the surrounding area with off-site catering and food trailer events.  Alexander's culinary journey reflects not only his technical prowess but also the harmony of a life shaped by determination, leadership, and an unyielding commitment to the art of hospitality.

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